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Recycling plays a vital role in minimizing the impact of solid waste on our environment. Every time you recycle, you're helping to protect the environment and extending the life of our landfill by removing materials from the waste stream.

As part of the Integrated System, LCSWMA administers a comprehensive curbside recycling program that currently serves 44 municipalities, or approximately 89% of the Lancaster County's population. All of these programs include newsprint, glass, plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans. Municipalities that don't have access to recycling can take advantage of LCSWMA's drop-off recycling centers at each of our three Lancaster site locations: Transfer Station Complex, Waste-to-Energy Facility or Frey Farm Landfill.

In addition, LCSWMA administers a curbside collection program for yard waste in order to divert this material from the waste stream. LCSWMA's recycling staff provides assistance to municipalities with their recycling efforts, as well as assists businesses, industries and institutions in developing and maintaining individual recycling programs.

LCSWMA does not provide your curbside recycling pick-up.

We do provide drop-off recycling centers, available 24-hours every day, at each of our three Lancaster site locations for glass bottles/jars, aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles/jugs (anything with a neck) and newspapers.

Each municipality (city, township or borough) within Lancaster County is responsible for your curbside recycling. Contact your specific municipality and/or trash hauler for the following:

  • Recycling bins (new or replacement)

  • Complete list of materials you can recycle

  • Municipal drop-off locations

  • Pick-up days and times

  • Other questions about recycling

Recycling & Waste Reduction