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3/18/17: Extended Hours at SRMC

March 16, 2017 · By Admin

On Saturday, March 18th, the SRMC will offer extended hours:  5:00am - 2:30pm

3/15/2017: SRMC Operations Resume

March 14, 2017 · By Admin

The Susquehanna Resource Management Complex, along with all other LCSWMA facilities, will resume normal operations Wednesday, March 15 at 7am. LCSWMA's main office will open at 9am.

For a list of facility operating hours, click here

3/14/2017: SRMC Closed

March 13, 2017 · By Admin

Due to the impending snow storm, the SRMC and all LCSWMA facilities will be CLOSED on Tuesday, March 14. Please check back for updates regarding the storm's impact on Wednesday's operations.

For a list of facility operating hours, click here

1/23/16: SRMC Closed

January 22, 2016 · By Admin

Due to the impending snow storm, the SRMC and all LCSWMA facilities will be CLOSED on Saturday, January 23. All facilities will reopen on Monday, January 25 with normal operating hours. 

For a list of facility operating hours, click here

New Transfer Building Opens

November 12, 2015 · By Admin

LCSWMA just reached a major milestone in the transformation of the Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC), with the opening of a new 29,800 square-foot facility. The building adds transfer, maintenance, and administrative capacity to the site.

Constructed to address operational efficiencies and improve customer experience, the $5 million transfer building will primarily be used for construction/demolition waste loads and smaller customer deliveries. This keeps residents and smaller hauling customers off the main tipping floor of the waste-to-energy plant and out of the way of larger garbage trucks. Benefits include improved traffic flow, reduced customer on-site time, and increased safety for customers and LCSWMA staff.

In addition to the new transfer building, LCSWMA has invested approximately $8.6 million in other changes at the SRMC site over the last two years. Examples include:

  1. Moving the main site entrance to 19th Street
  2. Installation of a new scale house with separate inbound and outbound scales
  3. Numerous upgrades to the waste-to-energy plant
  4. Substantial improvements to site aesthetics

These modifications not only enhanced the aesthetics of the site, but also increased site traffic flow and reduced on-site/cueing time by an average of 50 percent.

The transformation of the SRMC demonstrates both LCSWMA’s standard of excellence, as well as a commitment to restoring the site into a community asset once again.

2014 SRMC Operating Data

July 21, 2015 · By Admin

For the first time last year, it was our pleasure to serve the Dauphin County community as part of our new ownership of the Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC).

In addition to making numerous facility and plant improvements, the SRMC also processed close to 280,000 tons of waste, which made enough renewable energy to power the equivalent of around 9,729 area homes.

Below is a snapshot of the SRMC’s 2014 operational performance:

Annual Totals
Tons of Waste Processed: 278,517
Total Inbound Deliveries: 38,680
Tons of Ash Processed: 85,966
Kilowatt Hours of Electricity Generated from WTE (Million): 116.8
Revenue Generated from Electric Sales (Million): $6.1
Tons of Ferrous Metal Recovered and Recycled: 7,390
Revenue Generated from Recycled Ferrous Metals: $997,324

Average Tons Delivered Daily: 1,016
Inbound Loads Received Per Day: 138
Average Tons Per Inbound Load: 7.4

For more information on last year’s progress and updates, view LCSWMA’s 2014 Year in Review

New Traffic Pattern at SRMC

January 05, 2015 · By Admin

Starting Tuesday, January 6, LCSWMA’s Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC) in Harrisburg will open its new scales, as well as institute a new traffic flow pattern using 19th Street as the main entrance. Additionally, the Cameron Street entrance will be closed to LCSWMA hauling customers and visitors. Please use the 19th Street Entrance to access the facility.

The Dauphin County Recycling Center will still be accessible by using the Cameron Street entrance.

Thank you for your cooperation!

SRMC Update

December 29, 2014 · By Admin

At the end of last year, December 23, 2013 to be exact, LCSWMA acquired the Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC). Since that time, we have expended considerable effort to integrate the facility into our system; while also making significant facility upgrades and adjustments to our operating procedures to improve customer experience.

In addition to operational efficiencies, we've also made substantial changes to the aesthetics of the site. From the installation of new site fencing, to the demolition of buildings previously occupied by the City of Harrisburg Department of Public Works, as well as road repairs, extensive site cleanup, landscaping, lighting upgrades and more, 2014 has been a year of great progress.

Our work continues with ongoing construction projects that address a variety of safety and operational issues, including, improved traffic flow and customer experience.

Check out some before and after photos of the site progress below: 

11/26 - LCSWMA's Main Office Closing Early

November 26, 2014 · By Admin

Due to the severe weather, LCSWMA's main office will be closing at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 26, 2014.  All facility sites, including the Transfer Station, Frey Farm Landfill, WTE Facility and SRMC, will continue operating under normal hours.  

LCSWMA will be closed on Thursday (11/27) for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We will re-open on Friday (11/28) with normal operating hours.  Click here to view our extended Saturday (11/29) hours.

Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2014 · By Admin

On this day, 44 years ago in 1970, the first Earth Day celebration was organized by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. That year, more than 20 million Americans joined together to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment.

Today, people are still using Earth Day to advocate for environmental change. In Pennsylvania, residents are reminded to pick up litter near their homes and in public areas as part of the “Pick it up PA” campaign – the theme for Earth Day 2014.

Join the movement and pick up trash and litter on your own or join one of the many cleanup events planned around the area. Upcoming events include beautification events, highway cleanups and more.

Residents in the Harrisburg and Dauphin County area are invited to participate in the Great Harrisburg Cleanup on Saturday, May 3 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in downtown Harrisburg. LCSWMA, a title sponsor of the event, will be waiving tipping (disposal) fees for cleanup participants that day.

So, help make a difference in the world not just on Earth Day but every day.