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LCSWMA Takes Sustainability on the Road

October 13, 2015 ·

Each year, LCSWMA’s transfer trucks travel thousands of miles delivering waste from our Transfer Station to our Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Facilities or Frey Farm Landfill for processing.

And it’s not just our truck drivers that rack up the mileage. Since our four facilities are scattered throughout Lancaster and Dauphin Counties, many members of our staff drive between sites for meetings, events or other business.

So, in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, reduce air pollution and build the foundation for a cleaner, more sustainable future, LCSWMA decided to invest in alternative fuel transportation for both operational and employee use.

Read on to find out how we are taking sustainability on the road.


In May 2014, LCSWMA switched our fleet of 14 transfer trucks and two ash dump trucks from diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG). We purchased the vehicles to replace our aging bio-diesel transfer fleet, which consumed 140,000 gallons of diesel annually.

Converting our fleet also required the installation of fueling infrastructure at our Transfer Station Complex. LCSWMA’s fleet fuels up overnight using a time-fill station, and we also added a fast-fill station for waste haulers and other select fleets.

By adding a fast-fill station, LCSWMA hopes more businesses will be inspired to make the switch to CNG; and take advantage of our fast-fill station, instead of building their own costly fueling infrastructure.

In total, this project has the potential of reducing over 10 million pounds (4,500 metric tons) of air pollutants each year in Lancaster County.


For regular employee travel between sites, LCSWMA purchased a CNG Honda Civic for earth-friendly transportation. With a cleaner fuel source and combined fuel economy of 31 mpg, this vehicle eliminates 0.4 metric tons of CO2e from entering the atmosphere every year, as compared to a traditional fossil fuel powered vehicle.


LCSWMA also has a Ford Focus Electric car as part of its green fleet. This state-of-the-art vehicle earns an EPA-estimated rating of 110 city MPGe, which is the EPA equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation.

Wrapped with a unique design that features phrases such as "Trash is electrifying!" and "Powered by trash," the car also helps to raise awareness of LCSWMA's efforts to transform waste into a resource.

For instance, when the car is plugged in at either of our WTE facilities, it's fueling up on clean energy produced by the combustion of garbage; while at the Transfer Station Complex, the car is receiving power from more than 2,000 solar panels mounted on the roof of four buildings.

For information on LCSWMA’s other green projects, click any of the following links: wind energy, solar energy, waste-to-energy or landfill gas-to-energy.  

One of LCSWMA's transfer trucks. 

Ford Focus electric car. 

CNG Honda Civic. 

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CNG Update & Anniversary

May 22, 2015 ·

A year ago this month, LCSWMA switched our fleet from diesel to compressed natural gas (CNG).

Since the project opened in May 2014, LCSWMA has experienced significant cost-savings, enjoyed superior truck performance, and helped further community sustainability by offering CNG to commercial fleets through the fast-fill station.

Cost Savings

Since making the switch to CNG, LCSWMA has saved an average of $18,300 per month in fuel costs, despite low diesel prices, for a total savings of approximately $220,000 over the past year. This significant cost savings allows us to contribute to the long-term financial stability of our Integrated System.

In addition, based on the fuel savings and grant funds received from PA DEP, LCSWMA has recovered its incremental investment on nine of the 16 trucks in the past year and is projected to pay off the incremental cost on all trucks in less than two years.


Converting our fleet to CNG required installation of fueling infrastructure at the Transfer Station Complex, including the opening of a fast-fill fueling station with four dispensers for waste haulers and other select fleets.

Today, a mix of public and private fleets are utilizing the fast-fill station. Currently, LCSWMA’s price to customers for CNG is $2.48 per diesel gallon equivalent (DGE). In the past 12 months, we’ve sold more than 30,000 gallons of fuel at the fast-fill station and expect that number to grow as we continue to add fleet customers.

Truck Performance

LCSWMA’s fleet is comprised of 14 new Peterbilt transfer trucks with Cummins-Westport ISX 12L CNG engines. The transfer trucks move waste from our Transfer Station in Lancaster to our Waste-to-Energy Facility in Bainbridge, as well as to the landfill in Conestoga. These new trucks offer engines powerful enough for each of our truck's 80,000 pound payload, operate cleanly and quietly and have had no maintenance issues.

In addition to the transfer trucks, LCSWMA also purchased two CNG dump trucks that deliver ash from our Waste-to-Energy Facility to the landfill where it is used as daily cover.

LCSWMA is proud to bring the CNG technology to our community and make the way for a future that’s more environmentally friendly and economically sound.

Fleets interested in using our retail fast-fill station should contact Michelle Marsh at 717-735-0178 for more information. 

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