Citizens Advisory Committee

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Citizen Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) exists pursuant to the Lancaster County Municipal Waste Management Plan 2010. The CAC is an advisory committee to LCSWMA. They are elected to one year terms by the Lancaster County Commissioners. The bylaws of the CAC state that the committee's purpose is to: "provide the Board with advice, review and commentary on solid waste issues and programs as the Board shall from time to time request."

Additionally, those same bylaws state that: "The Board of Directors of the Authority shall coordinate the work of the CAC by providing discussion topics, meeting facilities, pertinent information, and Authority staff resources to the CAC."

Meeting dates are determined by the CAC and are advertised in the newspaper. Meetings are normally held at LCSWMA's administrative office on Harrisburg Pike.

Current Members
  • Barbara Baker

  • Daniel Becker

  • Christopher Buck

  • Benjamin Davis

  • Jay Frey

  • Mark Harris

  • Trudy Johnston

  • Jeremy Kiehl, Esq.

  • Phil Mellott

  • Kirsten Peachey

  • James Sandoe

  • John Shearer

  • John Spear

  • Craig Underwood

  • Mary Wickenheiser