Columbia By-Pass Project

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Columbia By-Pass Project

Designed to reduce the number of trucks that travel through downtown Columbia, the Route 441 bypass project plays an important role in rejuvenating this historic area of Lancaster County. The $12.7 million project stretches a third of a mile and winds around the city’s western edge, between the main business district and the Susquehanna River.

LCSWMA has been a long-time supporter of the bypass, investing $357,000 towards initial project planning and development. About one third of the truck traffic traveling through Columbia is from LCSWMA trucks and waste hauling customers. Our transfer trucks and ash dump trucks make daily trips through downtown as they travel between our waste-to-energy facilities and Frey Farm Landfill.

In addition to cutting down on noise and traffic congestion, as well as improving safety for drivers and pedestrians, this bypass also allows LCSWMA the opportunity to partner with Columbia Borough and support a project that helps better this local community.

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