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From educational tours, to sponsoring numerous community events, to supporting local organizations, programs and initiatives, LCSWMA seeks out ways to give back to the Lancaster and Dauphin County communities. These opportunities also allow us to engage with residents, businesses and visitors in a variety of settings.

In Lancaster County, our support of organizations like the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area (to which we donate 10 cents for every ton of waste delivered to our Lancaster WTE Facility and Frey Farm Landfill), the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce (to which we support events like Chiques Challenge, Bridge Bust, Arts & Craft Festival and more) and the Lancaster County Community Foundation's EXTRA Give (to which we were a Golden Ticket sponsor), as they help to improve the local area in ways our efforts alone could not accomplish.

In Dauphin County, we support TheBurg and Today's The Day Harrisburg, because we consider these types of quality publications and news sources essential to connecting members of a community with one another. They highlight the people and stories that impact the local area. LCSWMA believes these foundational sources of education and information sharing serve the interest of the greater public and foster civic participation through knowledgeable and interested community members.

Arts and culture represents another essential pillar to fostering a robust, vibrant community. LCSWMA supports programs and events, like the Long's Park Summer Music Concert Series, First Friday in Lancaster, Celebrate Lancaster and more, because we recognize and appreciate the diverse culture that Lancaster County offers. We want residents and visitors to enjoy these opportunities in our neighborhoods, and feel a sense of pride for our rich heritage and eclectic culture.

Local Engagement
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