Waste is a Resource

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Waste is a Resource

Waste is a Resource

Rethink. Recover. Renew. These three simple, yet impactful words represent LCSWMA's perspective on solid waste. More than just trash, we view waste as a resource for great things happening in our community. How can waste positively impact our neighborhoods and even the environment?

Just as Antoine Lavoisier's Law of Conservation of Mass states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, objects never lose their potential value—it merely changes form, because value is a subjective measurement. So, while a banana peel, empty can, torn shoe, stained shirt, and crumpled napkin may appear to hold no worth, LCSWMA regards these items as holding the promise of something greater. The banana peel becomes compost for nourishing the earth; the empty can and torn shoe are reused for other purposes or recycled into new products; and the stained shirt and crumpled napkin are an alternative source of fuel for creating electricity. Suddenly, trash changes from being worthless to valuable! It's a matter of perspective.

LCSWMA follows a motto of rethinking how solid waste is managed in the communities we serve. We look at ways to better our operations and services that benefit residents, our customers, and our neighborhoods, all while protecting the environment and preserving natural resources.

Through our Integrated System and robust portfolio of renewable energy projects, LCSWMA recovers value from waste. The Integrated System utilizes an 1) aggressive, county-wide recycling program, a 2) FREE and convenient household hazardous waste drop-off facility, and 3) two waste-to-energy facilities that combust trash—all to minimize the amount of waste that is landfilled. Our five renewable energy projects capture and recover energy, powering 45,000+ homes and businesses every year.

Waste provides a source of energy and resources for creating something new or different, but it also creates a shared connection. Each one of us creates trash, which indirectly impacts our neighbors and beyond. Together, we create over 900,000 tons of solid waste that LCSWMA manages each year; and as such, we should all strive to minimize our garbage footprint. It's one of the reasons LCSWMA invests time and resources into fostering ongoing sustainability efforts. From examining our own operations to developing recreational green spaces to supporting local arts and culture activities, LCSWMA views waste as a way to renew our sense of community.

So, whenever you see our "Rethink. Recover. Renew." tagline and symbols, remember that WASTE IS A RESOURCE, and challenge you to consider the many ways you can incorporate sustainable practices into your everyday life. We invite you to join us, as strive to make Lancaster and Dauphin Counties an even better place to live,
work and recreate.

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