Public Information Policy

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Public Information Policy

Pursuant to the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law, the LCSWMA has adopted policies governing citizen access to LCSWMA public records:

LCSWMA shall respond in a timely and lawful manner to all requests from the media and the public for information relating to the activities of LCSWMA.

The Communications Manager is designated as LCSWMA's contact person for information and is the Open Records Officer. It is the responsibility of the Chief Communications Officer/Open Records Officer to respond to all media and community inquiries.

With the exception of the Chief Executive Officer, LCSWMA's staff will refrain from acting as spokespersons for LCSWMA unless deemed appropriate by the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer may assume the role of official spokesperson at any time.

Open Records Officer
Contact information for LCSWMA's current Right-to-Know/Open Records Officer is as follows:

Kathryn Sandoe, Chief Communications Officer/Open Records Officer
Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority
1299 Harrisburg Pike
P.O. Box 4425
Lancaster, PA 17604
Tel: (717) 397-9968 / Fax: (717) 397-9973

Right to Know
For more information on the
Right-to-Know Law, contact the Office of Open Records:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Office of Open Records
Commonwealth Keystone Building

333 Market Street, 16th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101-2234
(717) 346-9903 / E-Mail: