Energy Overview

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Renewable Energy

Rethinking Trash
We must rethink the way trash is managed. A new era has emerged where trash is no longer "waste" but a resource for sustainable, green power. LCSWMA transforms everyday trash into renewable energy (electricity) for Lancaster and Dauphin Counties. Collectively, our renewable energy projects power tens of thousands of homes and businesses annually. The stuff you no longer consider valuable, we regard as having potential to provide a sustainable energy source.

Our Social Responsibility
Long ago, when the world's population was much smaller and concerns about the environment weren't even a topic of discussion, our dependence on fossil fuels seemed to be the way of the future. Centuries later, with the world more densely populated and our earth's precious resources waning rapidly, we have a responsibility to explore alternative means for energy. And a great source of energy is the garbage that's generated daily. What was once an unfortunate but necessary part of life has become a limitless source of clean, renewable energy.

Waste as a Resource
LCSWMA's Lancaster Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Facility and Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC) burn everyday trash, turning it into clean energy for Lancaster and Dauphin Counties. In partnership with PPL Renewable Energy, LCSWMA capitalizes on two forms of alternative energy at our Frey Farm Landfill (FFLF). The Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plant converts methane gas from the FFLF into enough electricity to power approximately 2,400 area homes, and the Turkey Point Wind Project provides approximately 21-25% of neighboring Turkey Hill Dairy's annual electricity needs. At our Transfer Station Complex, we utilize solar energy to offset approximately 80% of the annual electric usage at the site; as well as compressed natural gas (CNG), a cleaner and more sustainable fuel source, to power our transfer fleet.

We're building towards a more sustainable future!

Waste To Energy