Renewable Energy Park

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Energy Pavilion at FFLF

Turkey Point Renewable Energy Park

LCSWMA, in partnership with PPL Renewable Energy and Turkey Hill Dairy, developed the Turkey Point Renewable Energy Park located on its Frey Farm Landfill (FFLF) property in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Components of the park are located on non-operational portions of the FFLF site. This innovative venture, exemplifying sustainable renewable energy initiatives and opportunities for local economic growth, includes:

  • Landfill Gas Plant, 3.2MW project that captures methane gas to create electricity for local homes and businesses, plus provides steam to neighboring Turkey Hill Dairy, a manufacturer of drinks and ice cream;

  • Wind Project at Turkey Point, 3.2MW project (two 1.6MW GE turbines) that provides approximately  21-25% of Turkey Hill Dairy's annual electric needs (enough to make 6 million gallons of ice cream);

  • Rieber House Welcome Center, an 18th-century farmhouse that has been preserved and restored into an educational and professional meeting space;

  • Energy Pavilion with an interactive, solar powered touch screen display that offers information on the renewable energy technologies at the FFLF.

The Turkey Point Renewable Energy Park not only hosts the first commercial‐scale wind project in south‐central PA, but also a unique combination of factors not found anywhere else in the nation. It serves as an important landmark for the Lancaster County community, exemplifies a unique approach to landfill re-use and epitomizes innovation excellence in the solid waste management industry.

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Wind Project at Turkey Point Wind Turbine
Rieber House Welcome Center Rieber House Welcome Center
Renewable Energy Pavilion Renewable Energy Pavilion
Landfill Gas Plant Engine Landfill Gas Plant