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Wind Project at Turkey Point
LCSWMA, in conjunction with PPL Renewable Energy, installed a 3.2 megawatt wind project at its Frey Farm Landfill in fall of 2010. The Wind Project at Turkey Point, located along the scenic Susquehanna River in Conestoga, PA, directly confronts prevailing winds from the northwest and is located on a non-operational portion of the landfill site.

Through this project, the adjacent Turkey Hill Dairy receives 21-25% of its annual electricity needs from clean, renewable wind energy to power its manufacturing operations. Generating 6.18 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, the output from this project is enough to make 5 million gallons of ice cream.

The Wind Project at Turkey Point is recognized nationally for its unique application of landfill re-use, as well as epitomizes innovation and excellence in the solid waste management industry.

Wind Project at Turkey Point Facts:

  • Two 1.6 megawatt General Electric wind turbines

  • Turbine base is 262 ft. tall

  • Turbine blade is 131 ft. long

  • Each turbine foundation is 52 ft. wide and 8 ft. deep

  • Each turbine foundation required 291 cubic yards of concrete and steel rebar

  • Entire turbine weighs nearly ½ million pounds

  • Minimum 8 mph wind speed is required to begin turning

  • Turbine is at full power with 26 mph wind speed

  • Maximum 56 mph wind speed before the braking mechanism engages

  • Primary braking mechanism is to feather the blades

  • Secondary braking mechanism is a mechanical brake

  • Turbines have lightning protection, a wind vane and anemometer (measures wind speed)

  • Turbines are connected electrically by underground lines to Turkey Hill Dairy

View a time-lapse video of the construction:

Turkey Point Project