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Integrated System

When thinking of waste management, one can probably assume that innovation and ingenuity aren't words which come to mind. But that's exactly the type of thinking behind LCSWMA's philosophy in managing Lancaster County's municipal solid waste. Nationally recognized for its exceptional practices, LCSWMA continually pushes the boundaries of traditional waste management to provide superior service to the residents of Lancaster County.

Protecting Natural Resources while Reclaiming Opportunities
LCSWMA operates a fully integrated system to manage the municipal solid waste and recyclables generated in Lancaster County in an environmentally safe, reliable, and efficient manner. In order to achieve this goal, LCSWMA employs a multi‐faceted approach that focuses on recycling and hazardous waste management to minimize the volume and toxicity of waste, and then processes the remaining waste using its three primary disposal assets: a state‐of‐the‐art Transfer Station, Waste‐to‐Energy (WTE) Facility and landfill.

With an aggressive recycling program and permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facility, LCSWMA removes 44% of the county's municipal waste stream upfront. 50% of the remaining waste is processed at LCSWMA's WTE Facility. The WTE Facility reduces the volume of the waste it processes by 90%, while generating enough electricity to power one in six homes in Lancaster County.

The remaining 6% of the municipal waste stream, the portion of the county's waste which cannot be recycled or processed to make energy, is disposed of in the Frey Farm Landfill. Through this practice, LCSWMA has extended the life of its current landfill by 19 years, which, in turn, helps preserve open space in the county.

LCSWMA's commitment to responsible and progressive waste management drives the organization to maximize resource recovery in every aspect of its endeavors. LCSWMA is continuously evaluating its Integrated System to ensure its facilities are designed or upgraded to adhere to the highest standards of environmentally responsible waste management.

Environmentally responsible waste management is not LCSWMA's only pursuit. Over the years, LCSWMA has worked to implement a variety of green initiatives, including an impressive renewable energy profile—including a 3.2 MW wind energy project and a 3.2 MW landfill gas-to-energy project located on its Frey Farm Landfill—in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote green energy use in
Lancaster County

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