LCSWMA Looks to Add Satellite Transfer Station

LCSWMA announces its consideration of adding a satellite transfer station in Northeast Lancaster County.

At their October 19th public meeting, LCSWMA’s Board of Directors approved the $1.06 million purchase of a 13-acre parcel of land on Muddy Creek Road (near the Reading/Lancaster Interchange of the PA Turnpike) in East Cocalico Township, where the proposed satellite transfer station would be located. 


The future facility would consolidate the delivery and transfer of waste from several municipalities, in a rapidly-growing area in Lancaster County, with the goal of diverting 7-10% of current inbound transactions from LCSWMA’s main transfer station on Harrisburg Pike.  LCSWMA estimates the satellite transfer station could be permitted to receive approximately 400 tons of waste per day.

The location of the property provides numerous benefits, including its proximity to the PA Turnpike Interchange for convenient transfer of waste to LCSWMA’s Susquehanna Resource Management Complex in Harrisburg.  Additionally, the parcel of land is located within an industrial zone, where the roads are designed for truck-related businesses.  Finally, there are no residential houses near the site.

“This future facility would help LCSWMA better manage waste consolidation in a growing market,” says Bob Zorbaugh, LCSWMA’s Co-CEO.  “As we continue to see record waste tonnage growth in Lancaster County, it’s important we’re positioned to handle this waste safely and efficiently.”

Advantages of the potential satellite transfer station include: reduced bottlenecks at the Harrisburg Pike transfer station; reduced travel time for waste haulers that serve customers in northern Lancaster County; reduced traffic from northern Lancaster County on local highways (Routes 222, 272, and 30); and benefits to East Cocalico Township through host municipality fees, convenient waste disposal for homeowners, and creation of new high-quality jobs.


“East Cocalico Township is excited to partner with LCSWMA and see their project come to fruition,” says Scott Russell, Manager for East Cocalico Township. “Having a local transfer station at a strategic location at the Denver Interchange will greatly benefit all of the residents and businesses in Norther Lancaster County with improved convenience and service.”

LCSWMA is in the initial planning stages of this project.  Next steps are to complete site design, along with securing permits from East Cocalico Township, PA Department of Environmental Protection, and PennDOT.  While there is no definitive operational start date, LCSWMA anticipates this project could take upwards of 5-years to complete.

LCSWMA’s main transfer station on Harrisburg Pike receives about 1,400 tons per day from over 450 vehicles and would continue serving the rest of Lancaster County.

The purpose of a transfer station is to offer convenient delivery of waste for commercial haulers, residents, and businesses.  Additionally, a transfer station also reduces the congestion of waste collection vehicles on local roads and highways.