National Boss’s Day

Today is National Boss’s Day. This annual day of recognition was created in 1958 as a way for employees to show appreciation to their superiors.

At LCSWMA, we want to recognize our “boss,” CEO, Bob Zorbaugh, for his excellence in leading our organization.

Over the past three decades, Bob has held a variety of roles at LCSWMA. He began his career at LCSWMA as a Construction Inspector during the construction of Cell 2 at the Frey Farm Landfill. From there, he advanced to Assistant Landfill Manager, Landfill Manager, and in 2001, moved into the main office on Harrisburg Pike to assume an Operations Manager role. Ten years later, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, and at the beginning of this year, assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer.

When asked about his management philosophy, Bob said, “Respect your employees. Trust and empower them to do their jobs. I am 100% percent confident in our staff and their ability to carry out their job duties.”

He continued by saying, “We have great people at all levels of this organization. I believe you need to surround yourself with good people in order to be a good leader.”

The words authentic” approachable, supportive and kind are repeated time and time again, when staff are asked to describe Bob. And according to Chief Human Resources Officer, Leslie Wireback, that isn’t by accident.

“Bob genuinely cares about his staff as people, not just employees,” she said. “And, he always remembers to thank you for a job well-done.”

Transfer Station Manager, Joe Frymyer, is thankful for the growth and advancement opportunities Bob afforded him. “Bob believed in me, and for that I am very grateful.”

For John Ridinger, Director of Operations, it’s Bob’s “quiet confidence,” “broad base of knowledge” and “trust” that motivates him to do his best work for LCSWMA every day.

So, thank you, Bob, from all of us, for the great work you do for LCSWMA each and every day.