Participate in an Act of Green

Green Business template and background for Sustainability concept with flat icons

Every Tuesday through the end of April, LCSWMA will be sharing information on how you can participate in an “Act of Green.” Each “Act of Green” is a mini sustainability challenge that you can do at home in honor of Earth Month.

Our first challenge is the #bagadaychallenge.
Many people are walking on local trails or in their neighborhoods during this time of social distancing. Next time you take a walk, we challenge you to take a plastic bag with you and collect any litter you find. Be sure to share your #bagadaychallenge photo with us on social media!

Second challenge is, attempt to go one day during the week without using a single-use item. 
A single-use item is defined as products or packaging that are discarded after one use (such as paper plates, K-Cups, straws, plastic bags, etc.). Let us know what single-use item you are giving up and if it was a difficult change. Good luck!

Check back here every Tuesday for the latest Act of Green.