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Information for Haulers

Any individual or company who collects or transports regulated municipal waste to the SRMC must meet the requirements of the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Dauphin County and LCSWMA. Information on our permitting process is below or call (717) 724-0098 to speak with someone directly.

Registering with PADEP
Haulers cannot deliver waste to the SRMC without meeting the requirements of Act 90 relating to the Waste Transportation Safety Program State License Requirements, if applicable. One-time, one-load exemptions will be issued only to individuals and companies that have no knowledge of Act 90 when arriving at the SRMC. For more information, visit:

PADEP Bureau of Waste Management

Registering with Dauphin County
Haulers collecting and transporting Dauphin County regulated wastes (refuse and construction/demolition waste) are required to complete a Waste Hauler Registration form. Please note: Haulers currently registered with Dauphin County do NOT need to re-apply. For more information, visit:

Dauphin County Hauler Registration
Dauphin County List of Registered Haulers

Registering with LCSWMA
LCSWMA has developed a comprehensive permitting, enforcement and reporting program to ensure the safe and efficient operation at the SRMC and to protect the environment, including a set of Rules and Regulations that govern the collection and transportation of waste to the SRMC. Each year, LCSWMA updates these regulations to reflect changes in facility operation, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection regulations, waste categorization and fee structures.

Download the SRMC Rules and Regulations
Download the Rate Schedule

Haulers wishing to obtain a permit must show proof of general liability insurance, vehicle insurance and workers' compensation insurance. They must also agree to abide by LCSWMA's Rules and Regulations. Permits must be displayed on vehicles and containers. Completed permits may be faxed to (717) 397-9973 or mailed to PO Box 4425, Lancaster, PA 17604-4425.

Download LCSWMA's Permit Application

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