July/August 2016


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Recycle Wherever You Go


To help answer the question - "What can I recycle?" - Keep America Beautiful developed a "Top 10 in the Bin" list of the most widely and easily recycled items in America.

Refer to this list for recycling information no matter where your campus is located.


Get Schooled in Sustainability


Back-to-school season is upon us. Get inspired for the coming year with fresh eco-friendly finds for the desk, dorm and more. Also, get tips on how to have your greenest school year yet by viewing our latest Pinterest board.


Past Newsletters


Access previous issues of Waste Matters here.


Sustainable Living Tips for On and Off Campus


Every year college students exit residence halls and enter campus communities across the country. Although adjusting to college life can be difficult, continuing sustainable living practices doesn't have to be.

Whether you are a student or know someone who is, here's a look at a typical school routine. These environmental tips can be practiced on and off campus:

  • A morning cup of coffee is crucial for many people. Places like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts offer discounts to customers who bring their own reusable coffee cups. To reduce waste while making coffee at home or in a dorm, try a reusable K-cup coffee filter for your Keurig. The filter uses ground coffee instead of individual pods.

  • Whenever you can, save paper by taking electronic notes. Also, avoid printing the syllabi or assignment sheets when possible, as they are usually accessible online. Other paper-saving tips include: printing double-sided and reducing margins to fit more text per page.

  • A great way to reduce energy consumption on campus is to head outside and utilize natural light. Grab a blanket and study outdoors or read next to a window instead of under a lamp. Consider turning the lights off in your dorm room whenever you aren't there.

  • Combat the mid-afternoon slump with a snack. Pack yours in reusable containers and buy in bulk to reduce packaging waste. At mealtime, help offset the estimated 70 billion pounds of food waste generated in the U.S. annually by only taking food you will eat.

  • Before bed, unplug electronic devices to decrease energy usage, as many appliances/electronics use a small amount of energy even when powered off. Use a power strip for your electronics, so you only have one thing to unplug each night.

For information on green initiatives happening on your campus, contact your college's Office of Sustainability.

Also, be sure to follow our blog and social media pages for tips and tricks related to recycling, responsible waste management and more.

A Note About E-Waste

Back-to-school season is a prime time to upgrade to a new computer, laptop or tablet. If purchasing something new, remember to recycle old electronics at LCSWMA's Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility for free. If you live outside Lancaster County, use Earth911's Recycle Search to find a drop-off location near you.


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