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Book a FREE Tour


Have you ever wondered what happens to your trash after it's picked up? Find out by taking a FREE public tour of our Transfer Station Complex in Lancaster, Waste-to-Energy Facility in Bainbridge or Frey Farm Landfill in Conestoga.

Each tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at our daily operations. Follow your trash, as we transform it from waste to a resource! Tours run from March through October. Reservations can be made online or by calling 717-397-9968.


Learn How to Compost


Learn how to turn your fruit and vegetable scraps into valuable compost that can be used to nourish the soil and keep organic material out of the waste stream.

Sign up here to join one of the four FREE home compost workshops.


Green Tip


Nearly four billion trees or 35 percent of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries. Reduce your paper waste with these six easy tips and opt out of the paper avalanche.


Past Newsletters


Access previous issues of Waste Matters here.


Let's Cleanup South Central PA


Spring cleaning applies to more than just closets, cupboards, basements and garages. Take that spotless spirit outside during the annual Great American Cleanup of PA presented by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.

From March 1 through May 31, residents from across the state come together to cleanup roadsides, streams and forests in an effort to make their communities cleaner and greener. From picking up trash and litter to organizing recycling drives or planting trees and flowers, there are numerous ways to help beautify your neighborhood.

Groups such as community and civic associations, schools and youth groups, families and friends, business employees, hunting and fishing clubs, conservation organizations, sports teams and more can register a cleanup event online in order to receive supplies and equipment, free of charge.

Registered events can obtain complimentary cleaning supplies such as gloves, bags and vests from the PennDot District Office by calling (717) 299-7621.

Additionally, event coordinators in Lancaster County should reach out to Barb Baker ( who coordinates the Keep Lancaster County Beautiful program (an initiative of LCSWMA), prior to a cleanup event for information on free disposal of litter at any one of LCSWMA's facilities, while event coordinators in Dauphin County should contact Julie Walter ( at Tri-County Community Action.

Since its inception in 2004, more than 1.5 million volunteers have picked up 80 million pounds of litter and waste. 146,000 miles of roads, waterways, shorelines, and trails have been cleaned, and more than 136,000 trees, bulbs, and flowers have been planted.

For more information on how you can participate visit


Michael Brubaker Joins LCSWMA's
Board of Directors


LCSWMA welcomes Michael Brubaker as the newest member of our nine-member Board of Directors.

Appointed by the Lancaster County Commissioners in February, Michael holds extensive international business experience, in addition to significant relationships at the local, state and federal government levels.

Michael is a former State Senator (2006-2014), having chaired the Senate Finance Committee and the International Relations Committee within the Council of State Governments organization; as well as served on the transition team for three governors.

"Mr. Brubaker brings an invaluable knowledge and familiarity of intergovernmental workings; as well as an extensive network of business relationships and a demonstrated ability to create positive change for the community," says Jim Warner, LCSWMA's CEO.

Currently, Michael serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Blackford Ventures, LLC.

To learn more about Michael and view the bios of our other board members, visit the Board of Directors page.


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