Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC)

Visit the Disposing Trash page for more information about materials that may be delivered to the Susquehanna Resource Management Complex (SRMC).

We ask for your cooperation when delivering loads to the SRMC. Help us protect the environment by securing and tarping your loads to prevent litter on local roadways. Not only is this required by all Dauphin County municipalities, but shows courtesy to residents and businesses located on roads leading to the SRMC.

A collage of images featuring an aerial view of the Susquehanna Resource Management Complex, a truck bringing waste to the tipping floor, the generator inside the complex, and an overhead view of the pit

The SRMC hosts LCSWMA’s second waste-to-energy (WTE) facility, which offers a safe and innovative means for disposing of waste while also generating clean, renewable energy. By combusting trash, instead of disposing in a landfill, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and land is preserved. Additionally, the WTE process supports recycling through the recovery of ferrous metals after combustion.

Waste delivered to the SRMC is deposited onto a tipping floor, where LCSWMA uses heavy equipment to push the waste into a storage pit. An overhead crane mixes the waste to ensure even combustion, before feeding it into one of three boilers. Each boiler burns waste at a minimum of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and can process up to 267 tons per day.

Tubes surrounding each boiler convert water into steam. The steam spins a turbine, which is connected to a generator that has the capacity to produce 23 megawatts. The facility uses a small about of the electricity, while the remaining is used to power State Capitol Buildings nearby. During the combustion process, the facility uses an extensive emissions control process to clean the air before it exists the stack.

After ferrous metals are removed, the remaining ash is taken to the Frey Farm Landfill where it is used as daily cover.

Watch the video to learn more about how we turn steam into clean, renewable energy.

Role in the Integrated System

Located in Harrisburg, the SRMC is home to the nation’s first waste-to-energy (WTE) facility. Built in 1972, and retrofitted in 2007, this facility saves landfill capacity and creates clean energy by burning trash. The SRMC is permitted to process up to 800 tons of waste per day. LCSWMA contracts with Covanta Energy to operate the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LCSWMA acquired the SRMC in December 2013 to secure future WTE capacity and initiate a regionalized approach to managing municipal solid waste for Lancaster and Dauphin Counties. In addition, this acquisition allowed LCSWMA the opportunity to bring our expertise and excellence in waste management to neighboring Dauphin County, and together, work towards a better community.