Safe Battery Disposal

We need the community’s help! Rechargeable batteries containing metals such as lithium and nickel, can spark and explode when damaged. Fires in garbage trucks and processing facilities are on the rise. Help protect our employees, garbage collectors, property, and community.

Rechargeable batteries are found in many common household items including:

Power Tools
Remote Controls
Gaming Devices
Electric Toothbrushes
E-cigarette and Vape Devices

Keep All Batteries Out of Trash & Recycling Bins

Alkaline Batteries (single-use): Collect in battery/storage bag. Once full, time for disposal. Although not a fire risk, LCSWMA will properly dispose of alkaline batteries for Lancaster County residents. For those outside Lancaster County, visit

Rechargeable Batteries

Don’t store end-of-life batteries. Dispose of immediately. Examples of rechargeable batteries:

FREE Proper Disposal:

  • Bring batteries and cellphones to LCSWMA’s QUICK, CONVENIENT, DRIVE-THRU Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 1299 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA, 17603:  Mon. – Fri. 7 am to 4 pm; Sat. 7 am to 11 am

    Ask your trash collector if they take filled battery bags. If so, place on curb BESIDE trash. Bags are brought to LCSWMA.

    Need assistance?  Call LCSWMA at 717-397-9968

    To find other battery drop-off locations near you:

    Participating retail collection points for rechargeable batteries include:
    Home Depot, Lowes & Staples

  • To find battery drop-off locations (rechargeable, alkaline, e-bike, cellphones) near you:

    Participating retail collection points for rechargeable batteries include:
    Home Depot, Lowes & Staples

    Need assistance?  Call LCSWMA at 717-397-9968

Specialty Batteries:

E-bike Batteries: Contact retailer or manufacturer for safe battery disposal options or visit Need assistance? Call LCSWMA at

Electric Vehicle Batteries: Contact local automotive store or dealership for safe battery disposal options.

Damaged Batteries:

Damaged batteries including those that are puffy, swollen or bloated, should be immediately addressed and will require special handling.

Damaged, Defective and Recalled Batteries | Call2Recycle | United StatesCall2Recycle | United States

Battery Handling Tips:

  1. Store batteries in non-metallic containers (plastic, cardboard, or glass)
  2. Do not overcharge batteries
  3. Do not place electronic devices on soft surfaces, especially when charging
  4. Only use charging cable that came with the device
  5. Inspect batteries before use for signs of damage
  6. Store batteries and devices in dry, cool locations
  7. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions
  8. NEVER place batteries or electronics containing batteries in the trash or recycling

For more tips, visit


If you are a Lancaster County Pennsylvania resident, click here for a full list of items that can be dropped off for FREE at our Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Lancaster.