Switch to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Benefit of Switching to CNG Include:

  1. REDUCE AND STABILIZE YOUR COMPANY’S FUEL COSTS. Not only is CNG cheaper on a per gallon basis (typically between 30-50%), it also provides a more stable platform for yearly budgeting.
  2. IMPROVE LOCAL AIR QUALITY AND PROTECT HUMAN HEALTH BY REDUCING PETROLEUM-BASED FUEL COMBUSTION. CNG significantly reduces emissions, thereby helping to create cleaner communities.
  3. SUPPORT DOMESTIC FUEL PRODUCTION AND USE. Making the switch to natural gas helps to support the PA-based natural gas market, create local jobs, and reduce dependency on foreign oil. By investing your fuel dollars in the creation of a strong local economy, you can help ensure a robust business climate is maintained for generations to come.
  4. ADVANCE YOUR ORGANIZATION’S COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES. Through the deployment of a CNG fleet, your business can benefit from a variety of economic, social and environmental benefits, such as a reduced carbon footprint, stabilized long-term fuel costs and the satisfaction of helping those in your community by contributing to cleaner air.
  5. IMPROVE FLEET SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY WITH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF CNG TECHNOLOGY. CNG is an extremely safe fuel. Unlike conventional motor fuels, it vents into the atmosphere as opposed to pooling on surfaces. As such, CNG “leaves the scene” of accidents if onboard tanks are penetrated. Furthermore, CNG engines are quieter than conventional diesel and gasoline engines, significantly reducing noise pollution.

Contact Us to Learn More:

Fleets interested in using our retail fast-fill station should apply here. For more information, contact Michelle Brown at 717-735-0174 or mbrown@lcswma.org.