Trash Disposal

Curbside Service Information:

LCSWMA does NOT provide curbside collection of trash or recycling. This service is provided by private haulers who bring the material to LCSWMA once it’s collected. Contact your local municipal office for more information on trash collection or recycling service at your home or place of business.

Plan Your Visit:

For waste that cannot be placed curbside, LCSWMA offers drop-off disposal for a fee. Materials commonly delivered to LCSWMA include:

  • Household trash
  • Bulky items, like mattresses, furniture, lawn mowers, snow blowers (remove any gas or oil from items before arriving)
  • Tires from cars, trucks, or motorcycles
  • Appliances, like refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, window AC units, washers, dryers, microwaves
  • Construction material, like from home renovations (Please Note: Lancaster WTE Facility only accepts residential pick-up truck loads or smaller of C&D)

Delivery Instructions:

  • Open loads must be tarped. Large items such as chairs or appliances must be secured. Such single, large items do not require a tarp unless the condition of the item has potential to create a safety or litter issue.
  • Any vehicle or trailer that could be perceived to exceed Registered Gross Vehicle Weights (Vehicle: 17,000lbs. and/or Trailer: 10,000lbs.) must provide vehicle or trailer registrations to Weighmasters to ensure compliance with PA DEP WTSP Requirements.
  • All visitors, including passengers, must wear a high-visibility vest or garment while at the tipping area. LCSWMA does not provide free vests.
  • Our facilities ONLY accept credit or debit cards. No cash or checks. 

To help you plan for your visit to LCSWMA, here are some resources to review:

What to Do With Special Waste:

Some materials need to be removed from the waste stream and handled separately, so as not to harm disposal facilities, people, or the environment. You may still bring this material to LCSWMA for a fee, but here is what you need to know first:

Appliances w/ Refrigerant: We accept large appliances, also called white goods, at all of our facilities. Ozone damaging gases are safely recovered and the metal is recycled.

Asbestos: Please contact LCSWMA to make special arrangements for delivery and disposal of any material containing asbestos.

Prescription Drugs: Remove drugs from their original containers and mix with an undesirable substance, like coffee grounds or litter. Put the mixture in a sealable bag or container and place in your regular trash. Do NOT flush any drugs down the toilet. For more information, visit

Sharps: If your sharps (needles) container is full, make sure it’s sealed and place in your trash. Any opaque, puncture-resistant container is acceptable. Visit your local pharmacy for additional options.

Medical Waste: In-home medical waste may be disposed of as regular trash. For large volumes of medical waste or waste materials generated at medical offices, health care facilities, medical research facilities or laboratories, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) for proper medical waste handling instructions.

Boats: Watercrafts and boats are considered non-processable waste and are only accepted at the Frey Farm Landfill. In addition to the non-processable waste rate, an unloading assistance fee could apply. Drain all fluids including fuel and oil prior to disposal. Remove fire extinguishers and batteries. Lancaster County residents can dispose of watercraft fluids, fire extinguishers and batteries for FREE at LCSWMA’s HHW facility.

Yard Waste: Yard waste must be delivered directly to the Frey Farm Landfill. Materials include garden residues, leaves, shrubbery, tree trimmings, branches less than 12 inches in diameter, grass clippings and stumps less than 12 inches in diameter.  Refer to this resource list for other yard waste disposal options in the area.

Electronic and Household Hazardous Waste: Household hazardous waste (HHW) should be separated and taken to LCSWMA’s free drop-off facility at 1299 Harrisburg Pike. To learn more about this program, visit our HHW page.

Farm Tractor Tires / Non-recyclable Tires:  Due to PA DEP permitting, advanced coordination is needed.  Please contact LCSWMA at 717-397-9968 prior to delivery.

Solar Panels and Associated Storage Batteries: See Market List for vendors that handle large quantities of hazardous waste or contact installer for disposal recommendations.

Ammunition: We DO NOT accept ammunition and/or explosives. For proper disposal options, please contact your local fire or police department.