Commercial Hauling Information

Hauling customers must meet the requirements of Act 90 relating to the Waste Transportation Safety Program State License Requirements in order to deliver waste to any LCSWMA facility. This also applies to any customer vehicle with a registered Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) over 17,000lbs or trailer with a registered GVW over 10,000lbs that is hauling waste in Pennsylvania.

If your vehicle or trailer exceeds the Act 90 Waste Transporter Safety Program threshold listed above, you need to call the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA-DEP) at 717-783-9258 to acquire a one-time exemption. PA-DEP will need a copy of your vehicle or trailer registration.

In order to continue using any PA waste facility in the future, each vehicle or trailer will need a PA-DEP Act 90 Waste Transportation Safety License. For more information, visit the Municipal and Residual Waste Transportation and Safety Program section of PA-DEP’s website or contact PA DEP at 717-783-9258.

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Permitting Info for Haulers:

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LCSWMA has developed a comprehensive permitting, enforcement, and reporting program to ensure the safe and efficient operation of its facilities and to protect the environment. Haulers cannot collect or transport Regulated Municipal Waste or Source Separated Recyclable Materials in any vehicle or container that has not been permitted by LCSWMA.

LCSWMA has established a set of rules and regulations that govern the collection and transportation of solid waste and recyclable materials. Each year, LCSWMA updates these regulations to reflect changes in facility operation, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection regulations, waste categorization and fee structures.

According to these rules and regulations, all commercial waste haulers must obtain a license for each of their vehicles, roll-off containers and trailers. Those wishing to obtain a LCSWMA permit must show proof of general liability insurance, vehicle insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. They must also agree to abide by LCSWMA’s Rules and Regulations. Licenses must be displayed on vehicles and containers.

Delivering Loads:


We ask for your cooperation when delivering loads to any LCSWMA facility. Help us protect the environment by preventing litter from waste deliveries. Not only is this required by all Lancaster County municipalities, but shows courtesy to residents living along roads leading to LCSWMA facilities.

Repeat violations will be shared with local law enforcement and may result in suspension of access to LCSWMA facilities.

Thank you for your help in keeping our community clean and safe!