At-Home Education

LCSWMA welcomes learners of all ages to connect with our mission of managing waste as a resource to protect and benefit our community through our at-home education program.

As you explore, you’ll notice that we’ve categorized our offerings into three areas:

  1. Trash
  2. Recycling
  3. Environmental Sustainability

Click on these tabs to learn about LCSWMA and the essential service we provide to the community. And find out how you can make a positive impact on our community and world.

We invite you to learn and discover how together we make great things happen for our people, our planet, and our community.


What happens after you throw your trash away? Most people don’t think twice about it.

Leaving your garbage at the curb might signal the end of the process for you, but for us, it’s only the beginning.

We invite you to learn about the incredible journey your trash takes and how it’s transformed into a resource to power our community.

Hand disposing trash bag in a trash bin


The role of recycling in the process of waste management is an important one, as it reduces our community’s consumption of raw materials and minimizes the volume of waste.

Recycling provides the opportunity to recover commodities that still have value, repurposing them into new products.

Join us and learn how recycling right in Lancaster County results in the conservation of natural resources, energy conservation, a more sustainable economy and more.

Hand holding recyclable water bottle

Environmental Sustainability

Learn how you can make a positive impact on our community by discovering how your actions affect the environment and the world around you.

We invite you to discover simple, impactful ways that you can live a more sustainable life and help keep Lancaster and Dauphin Counties a great place to live, work and play.


Hands holding the Earth over a green field