Trash Disposal

A reminder that LCSWMA DOES NOT PROVIDE YOUR CURBSIDE TRASH PICK-UP. For trash pick-up assistance, start by contacting your municipality. For special waste, you can use our waste drop-off locations. Read below for more information.

For a current list of disposal fees, download the Lancaster Rate Schedule or SRMC Rate Schedule. We accept credit cards or prepaid cards as forms of payment (no cash or checks).

For your trash pick-up, start with your municipality. Each municipality (city, township or borough) within Lancaster and Dauphin Counties is responsible for your curbside trash pick-up. LCSWMA does not provide your curbside trash pick-up.

Contact your local municipal office and/or trash hauler for the following:

  • Trash pick-up days and times
  • Missed collection Trash bins (new or replacement)
  • Billing questions and payment
  • Other questions regarding curbside trash disposal

Once haulers collect your curbside trash, they bring it to LCSWMA to manage. We use an Integrated System that includes:

  • Transfer Station Complex
  • Household Hazardous Waste Facility
  • Waste-to-Energy Facilities in Bainbridge and Harrisburg (for combustion of trash)
  • Frey Farm Landfill (for disposal of manufacturing and construction/demolition waste)

recycling bin into dump truck

Large items & amounts of trash: Contact your trash hauler or municipality to make special arrangements for large items or amounts of trash. Or for a small fee, you can dispose of trash at one of our facilities.

Common items delivered to LCSWMA include:

  • Refuse (trash)
  • Tires: car, motorcycle and truck
  • Appliances with refrigerant (ex: refrigerator, freezer, window AC unit)
  • Appliances without refrigerant (ex: washer, dryer, microwave)
  • Single large items (ex: mattress, sofa, dresser)

pile of tires

“Special waste” refers to materials that need to be pulled out of the usual waste stream and disposed of in ways that will not harm disposal facilities, processes, or the environment. By disposing of these special waste materials at LCSWMA’s facilities, you are playing a vital role in protecting the environment.

  • Large Appliances

    We accept large appliances, also called white goods, at all of our facilities for a nominal fee. Ozone damaging gases are safely recovered and the metal is recycled.

  • Tires

    We accept car, truck and motorcycle tires, with or without rims, at all of our facilities for a nominal fee. The rubber and metal is then recycled.

  • Construction / Demolition Waste

    Home projects that generate construction/demolition waste can be delivered to any of our facilities for a nominal fee.

  • Asbestos

    All asbestos waste must be delivered directly to the Frey Farm Landfill for a fee. The crumbled (friable) type must be wetted and double-bagged prior to delivery.

  • Prescription Drugs

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises residents to first take advantage of any local drug take-back programs available to the public. Contact your local municipal office to learn about resources available in your area. If no disposal instructions are given on the prescription drug label and no take back program is available in your area, remove the drugs from their original containers and mix with an undesirable substance like coffee grounds or litter. Place mixture in a sealable bag or container and place in your regular trash. Do NOT flush any drugs down the toilet. For more information, visit

  • Sharps

    For safe disposal of sharps (needles), contact LCSWMA for a free Safe Clip™, a portable device that clips and stores up to 1,500 needles. Safe Clips™ are also available at most pharmacies for purchase. Once full, the device may be placed in your regular trash.

  • Medical Waste

    In-home medical waste may be disposed of as regular trash. For large volumes of medical waste or waste materials generated at doctors’ offices, health care facilities, medical research facilities or laboratories, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) for proper medical waste handling instructions.

  • Autumn leaves iconAutumn leaves iconYard Waste

    Yard waste, such as leaves, shrubbery, tree trimmings, branches less than 24 inches in diameter, grass clippings and stumps less than six inches in diameter, must be delivered to the Frey Farm Landfill for a fee. For yard waste bags or information on composting, contact your municipality.

  • Apple core and banana peel iconApple core and banana peel iconFood Waste

    Meat and dairy products should be placed in the trash can. Organics like produce and egg shells can be used for compost. Learn more about composting here.

  • Icon of depicting a computer monitorIcon of depicting a computer monitorElectronic and Household Hazardous Waste

    For information about electronic waste or household hazardous waste including paint, batteries, automotive fluids, lawn chemicals and more, visit our HHW page.

Delivering Loads and Fees

Haulers must meet the requirements of Act 90 relating to the Waste Transportation Safety Program State License Requirements in order to deliver waste to any LCSWMA facility. 

  • This also applies to any customer vehicle with a registered Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) over 17,000 lbs. or trailer with a registered GVW over 10,000 lbs. that is hauling waste to waste facility in Pennsylvania.
  • Valid vehicle and or trailer registration must be provided to verify GVW.

If your vehicle or trailer exceeds the Act 90 Waste Transporter Safety Program threshold listed above, you will need to call the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA-DEP) at (717) 783-9258 to acquire a one-time exemption.  PA-DEP will need a copy of your vehicle or trailer registration.

In order to continue using any PA waste facility in the future, each vehicle or trailer will need a PA DEP Act 90 Waste Transportation Safety License. For more information, visit the “Municipal and Residual Waste Transportation and Safety Program” section of PA DEP’s website or contact PA DEP at (717) 783-9258.


We ask for your cooperation when delivering loads to any LCSWMA facility. Help us protect the environment by preventing litter from waste deliveries. Not only is this required by all Lancaster County municipalities, but shows courtesy to residents living along roads leading to LCSWMA facilities.

Repeat violations will be shared with local law enforcement and may result in suspension of access to LCSWMA facilities. Thank you for your help in keeping our community clean and safe!

For a current list of disposal fees, download the Lancaster Rate Schedule or SRMC Rate Schedule. We accept credit cards or prepaid cards as forms of payment (no cash or checks).