Waste Gives Back

A cornerstone of LCSWMA’s established purpose is to improve the regional environment, health, economy, and livability of the public, primarily in Lancaster and Dauphin Counties, through projects, grants, loans, and in-kind services provided by LCSWMA or in collaboration and partnership with other municipalities and organizations.

To that end, LCSWMA supports organizations, projects, and initiatives that advance our mission and purpose and positively impact community well-being and the people we serve. We invest financial resources, contribute professional services, and establish partnerships and collaborations with a diverse range of entities making a positive difference in our community. Watch the video to learn more about how waste gives back to our communities through the Integrated System and sustainable waste management.

LCSWMA Supports Community

  • Tree iconTree iconEnvironment

    LCSWMA supports efforts to protect the environment (air, land and water), conserve natural resources and encourage sustainability. Additionally, LCSWMA has constructed and/or hosts several miles of recreational trails in the community, including Farmingdale Trail, the Turkey Hill Trail, the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, and the Chestnut Grove Natural Area. Working with community partners to build recreational trails helps to preserve open space and offers Lancaster County residents an opportunity to enjoy our beautiful, diverse environment.

  • Hand giving money iconHand giving money iconEconomy

    LCSWMA recognizes that when our community thrives, so does our business. To that end, LCSWMA supports organizations and initiatives that promote the economic growth of our community, like the Economic Development Company of Lancaster County, Lancaster City Alliance, the Lancaster County Community Foundation’s Extraordinary Give and more. Additionally, LCSWMA actively engages our core industry sectors by partnering with and supporting related trade, professional and collegial associations.

  • Local involvement iconLocal involvement iconCulture

    Arts and culture represents another pillar to fostering a vibrant community. LCSWMA supports programs and events, like the Long’s Park Summer Music Concert Series, Harrisburg Mural Festival, First Friday in Lancaster, Celebrate Lancaster and more, because we recognize and appreciate the diverse culture that Lancaster County offers. We want residents and visitors to enjoy these opportunities in our neighborhoods, and feel a sense of pride for our rich heritage and eclectic culture.

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Waste is a resource for making great things happen in the community! But, it starts with the community understanding what goes in the recycling bin, where trash goes after it leaves the curb, and how to rethink waste. We are passionate about helping Lancaster and Dauphin Counties learn more about recycling and waste. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for regular updates about what’s new in waste disposal and recycling. You can also find helpful, educational videos on our YouTube channel, which range from topics on recycling and waste disposal to behind-the-scenes views of each facility.